Leveling the Playing Field for Social Movements

Empowering social leaders with AI-driven tools for greater impact.


The Challenge We Address

Civil society organizations are navigating complex social, economic, and environmental problems with limited, out-of-date, and non-actionable data.

Minimal knowledge sharing results in redundant efforts, limited coordination, and stifled innovation..

Our Solution

We combine the power of knowledge graphs, network analysis, and AI to analyze and share connected data in real time.

Our tools enhance strategy development, enable rapid contextual learning, and support knowledge sharing and innovation.

Powerful Results: Real Use Cases of Our Platform

Discover what you can achieve with our innovative technology. From strategic planning to rapid interventions, explore the powerful potential our platform offers for transforming your organization’s impact

Strategic Planning

National network uses our platform to analyze data, discuss strategies, and refine plans.

Responsive Interventions

Community coalition uses our platform to analyze in real time how influence and changes in narrative impact their issue area and receive recommendations for how to rapidly respond to them.

After-Action Reviews

Labor Union uses our platform to evaluate the success of their action by comparing the results with other organizations operating in similar contexts and contribute back any further developed lessons learned.

Make Winning Easier

Don't Rely on Outdated Data Anymore

Stay ahead with real-time data integration. Disconnected data and outdated information can lead to missed opportunities and ineffective strategies. With 20 Moves, you avoid paying for costly corporate data platforms that don't fit your needs.

Stop Using Generic Strategies

Generic strategies often fall short. Tailor your approaches to the specific needs of your organization. With 20 Moves, you get custom strategies without using valuable resources on extensive research and analysis.

Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Not tracking or sharing your organization's successes forces others to reinvent the wheel, slowing progress. With 20 Moves, you skip complex documentation and easily make your lessons useful for other allies and vice versa.

Meet The Team

We’re seasoned social movement leaders, technologists, and serial entrepreneurs that are obsessed with figuring out how to use powerful technologies to level the playing fireld for social movement organizations. 

Nick Iuviene


Yorman Nunez


María Aroca

Data Scientist


Senior Developer



Juan Constain

Senior Advisor

Connect with Us

 Whether you have questions about our services, need assistance, or just want to discuss opportunities, feel free to reach out.

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